Boomsatsuma supports and enables young people to reach their full potential.  We do this in a number of ways. As an organisation our core function has been focused on delivering training and education preparing young people for employment in the cultural industries.

 In 2015 we were asked to take on the management of the Grow Your Own Youth Project. This was a Big Lottery Funded Youth Work Project based in Weston Super Mare, delivering youth activities, training and volunteering opportunities to young people aged 11-19 years living in an area ranked as being in the top 5% most economically and socially deprived in the U.K. 

The Grow Your Own Youth Project sustained delivery of eight youth work sessions per week over a three year period and used a range of methods for delivery including detached, centre based and mobile. We organised trips and residentials and established youth theatre provision and other creative activities such as film making, photography and music production.

We supported young people who had disengaged from education or who were unemployed back into college, school, training and employment.

We offered young people opportunity to volunteer with the project with progression onto employment within a youth support role.

The vision for the project was to create opportunity for young people to progress up the ladder of participation through volunteering and eventually onto becoming employed as youth support workers.  This vision was realized with 5 young people successfully progressing through to being employed with the project. 4 of those young people have now progressed into employment in the health, social care and youth sector. We aimed to increase young people’s confidence and self esteem, to raise aspiration, increase young people’s access to positive activities and training and to support young people’s re engagement in education , employment and training. Through offering young people a range of positive activities we aimed to reduce young people’s boredom and anti social behaviour.

Our youth workers built and maintained secure positive relationships with young people. We ensured the project was needs based and youth led. Young people completed needs assessments and were involved in shaping the design and delivery of the project participating in evaluation and monitoring and user surveys. Young people created project newsletters, got involved in interviewing for new youth workers, and had a say in what activities they wanted.

The project established effective partnerships with local housing associations, youth employment services, local churches and other youth providers and organisations. 

Through our partnerships we were able to promote and extend our outreach to vulnerable and harder to reach young people including young people in care, leaving care and known to the Police, Youth Offending and Childrens Social Care.

As a result of the training programme, 6 young people achieved level 1 Youth Work, 2 young people achieved level 2 youth work, 6 young people achieved level 2 Peer Ambassador Sexual Health qualifications, 12 young people received First Aid certificates, 4 young people achieved level 1 Food Hygiene.


The Boombox Youth Project

Latest News

The Boombox Youth Project - May 2019 Update

Check out this great ‘go-pro’ film that documents some of the highlights of the Boombox Youth Project delivery during Year 2, 2018-19. Thank you to all the young people, parents and the local PCSO for taking part and for Amy Davis for the brilliant edit!

The Boombox Youth Project - October 2018 Update

We have introduced photography into the Boombox Youth Project programme of activites. Young people are learning how to use a digital camera. During the October sessions we are encouraging young people to get creative with glow sticks and the camera. Check out some of the pictures below

The Boombox Youth Project - May 2018 Update

Boombox Youth Project with support from Lifecycle uk completed the Brean Down Cycle Route. Check out the video below!

Thank you for the financial support from North Somerset Council sustainable travel community grant.

The Boombox Youth Project - February 2018 Update

In May 2017 Boomsatsuma was awarded three years joint funding from the Department of Digital Culture, Media and Sport and Big Lottery to launch a new youth project on the South Ward estates in Weston Super Mare. Following on from the success of the Grow Youth Own Youth Project the Youth Investment Funding has enabled Boomsatsuma to establish the
Boombox Youth Project delivering youth work activities with young people aged 10-18 years. A key element of the funding is a capital grant which has been used for the purchase of a youth mobile.

The Boombox Youth Project will focus on enabling young people to access digital art and media skill development opportunities. This exciting new venture aims to extends the reach of boomsatsuma and presents fantastic opportunity as a mobile creative digital arts and media training hub.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 17.43.07.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 17.42.35.png

Elaine Harris, Project manager of the Boombox Youth Project has been instrumental in securing the funding and taking the project forward. As a qualified youth worker Elaine has made sure to involve young people in as much of the decision making as possible. Right from the very start of the project young people participated in the recruitment of the team,
interviewing candidates, making decisions about appointments.

They have also been instrumental in designing the youth mobile and in the Summer of last year the young
people’s steering group visited the mobile manufacturer in Glossop.

In the early stages of the Boombox Youth Project the team worked on a detached work basis, meeting young people in parks and on the streets, building relationships and finding out more about what young people want and need from the project. During October and November young people got involved in pavement art, glow stick art design, Lantern making
and graffiti art.

Finally in December 2017 the Boombox Youth Mobile arrived in Weston and the team were able to welcome young people on board to start offering a range of mobile based positive activities including 3D Dry clay sculpture, music making and photography.

The Boombox Youth Mobile is a fantastic Youth and Community facility. The mobile has WiFi, electricity, lighting, seating and large HD screen and the feedback from young people has been extremely positive.

During the February School half term we partnered up with North Somerset Council’s ‘Better by Bike’ scheme and offered Bike Fix sessions for young people on the three estates. During the week fourty young people learnt how to fix a puncture and conduct safety checks
on their bikes and sixteen bikes got fixed. In addition to Bike Fix the Boombox Team offered a range of activities and young people got involved in arts and craft, filming and photography.

The Bike project will evolve to incorporate digital arts skill development with young people using Go Pro cameras to film local cycle routes and then going on to learning how to edit the films.

For more information about the Boombox Youth Project please contact: 

Project manager
Elaine Harris,

December 2017

In 2017 we have been successful in securing Youth Investment Funding to establish a three year youth work project based in Weston Super Mare. The project will deliver three detached sessions a week on the Oldmixon, Coronation and Bournville Estates. We are purchasing a mobile resource unit which will be equipped with WiF, computer workstations, HD screen, and music production software. The ‘’Boombox ‘’ will expand the range of open access activities enabling us to offer creative activities including film making, photography and establishing young people’s internet radio and music production. Detached youth work is a model of youth work practice, targeted at vulnerable young people, which takes place on young people’s own territory such as streets, cafes, parks and pubs at times that are appropriate to them and on their terms. It begins from where young people are in terms of their values, attitudes, issues and ambitions and is concerned with their personal and social development. It is characterised by purposeful interaction between youth workers and young people and utilises a range of youth and community work methods . The Mobile resource unit will enhance our detached sessions providing a safe space in which we can offer advice and information which enables young people to make informed decisions,  a chill out space for young people to chat, socialise and listen to music and de stress, a space in which we can offer time for young people to explore issues that are effecting them and working through strategies to overcome problems. Our youth work team will include youth arts leaders who will bring skill and expertise enabling us to introduce young people to a range of youth arts, through which they can develop their creativity, skills and self esteem. We willsupportthose young people on the projectwho wish to pursue a career within the cultural industries by offering them support to access further educationopportunities within Boomsatsuma and other colleges.


Youth Work Services

Boomsatsuma does not receive core funding for our youth work and we are reliant on external funding, and other opportunities including being sub contracted and pursuing tenders.

We are combining the expertise, knowledge, skill and experience of our Youth arts team with that of our Youth Work Project manager to create a dynamic and exciting professionally driven youth work resource.

Our Youth Work is headed up by Elaine Harris aJNC professionally qualified Youth Work manager with 28 years experience in delivering and managing youth work.


We can provide:                     

  • Access to professional Youth Work support and advice in establishing and maintaining quality youth provision - policies, best practice and legal requirements.

  • Delivering of high quality youth workand youth arts activities.

  • Professional supervision for volunteers and part time staff.

  • Youth work leadership and management.

  • Experienced and skilled Youth Workers.

  • Experienced and skilled youth arts practitioners.

  • Youth Work curriculum development.

  • Specialist resources including the mobile youth arts resource unit.

  • Insurance for youth workers and activities.

  • All our staff and volunteers are Disclosure and barring disclosure checked.

  • We can conduct consultation and needs assessment with young people in your community.

  • We can conduct Young people’s user surveys.

  • A fully tailored support package relevant to your community - you can buy in as much or as little as you require.

  • Access to fundraising support for your group’s projects.

  • Support with the recruitment, training and development of local volunteers.

  • Organisation and running of trips, activities and events.

  • Opportunities for joint working with other local communities and youth groups.

  • Support for young people to engage in local Youth Voice initiatives.

  • Youth arts activities – One off sessions, School holiday provision, Youth art events.

  • Establishing and regular delivery of specific youth art initiatives including youth theatre and youth music.


Youth Work:

A young persons perspective:


“It’s great to have somewhere to go, we’d just be hanging around getting into trouble otherwise”


“I really trust the youth worker and want her to come with me when I go to court for support”


“We can be honest and know we won’t get judged”