Student Spotlight: Ewan French


Ewan French, a boomsatsuma student, is 17 and has already set up his own film company: Basset and Braggs. The Basset part refers to the breed of dog because they are short and sweet like his films, (obviously), and the 'Braggs' part, well, that refers to the name of a street Ewan filmed a past boomsatsuma project on. Together I think it makes for a pretty cool name, which is lucky because we are going to hear it mentioned a lot.

In early June, Ewan is going to hold a screening for his short film, Belief (hopefully in the church that it was filmed). Ewan, in an interview I hosted on behalf of Boom News, told me all about the film: why he made it, what he hopes others can get from it, and also a hint as to the date in which he is going to hold the screening (but thats a secret).

In a nutshell, the film portrays all of the painful emotions that you experience when you lose somebody you love. After Ewan lost a relative he struggled with the painful emotions and decided to channel this pain in the way he knows best: film. The result is beautifully chilling and relatable to everyone and, since the film is autobiographical, Belief is also Ewan's debut acting appearance! Watch out Leonardo Dicaprio...

Having seen the full film I would definitely recommend a pack of tissues. More importantly, if you are able to attend the screening, I would also recommend that you share it with the world as the message of Belief is something we will all benefit from.

For now, heres the trailer...