Human Writes


Human Writes is a project managed by boomsatsuma that wants to give young budding poets the chance to take their writing skills to the next level. Boomsatsuma have selected seven of the best creative students from schools in and around Bristol to attend a week long writers retreat. The retreat takes places at Totleigh Barton: a 16th century manor house in 'one of the most idyllic parts of Devon', meaning that these seven poets can breathe the country air and live like Sir Philip Sidney... just for a week.

The students, however, will be in for a big shock as Totleigh Barton is unlike anywhere else as it HAS NO WIFI. I imagine at first the students (and myself included) are going to miss aimlessly scrolling through Instagram, but give us a day or two and I am sure it will be just fine *gulp*.

In all seriousness, I am really excited to be attending this retreat as a member of staff. I think it is a great idea and am confident that being surrounded by other poets, young and old, will be really advantageous for their writing skills.

Joelle Taylor and Anthony Anaxagorou will be on the retreat with us, here is an example of their poetry.

Keep your eyes pealed as after the retreat, which is the 26th June-1st July, there will be another blog post about what we did for the week. That is, if we survive without Wifi!