Human Writes: Katie Welch


  The Barn

The barn is nothing but a building to the oblivious eye.

They see the empty sofas as a place of comfort only

and the walks as a thing that closes them in.

But to us, this small group of 10 all different ages and lives,

It is so much more. 

It is a warm hot chocolate made with cream burning our hands and lips,

blankets covering everything but our  heads as we laugh at casual conversations;

campfire smiles and warm hearted giggles

and fairy lights hung in a row like bundles of tears and inside jokes that our friends back home won’t understand.

It is so much more than a barn.

It’s midday ‘break- throughs’, and ‘all the percents’ and ‘dishonest stumps’

First time gigs and last time smiles to people we barely know.

A week gone by in the blink of an eye,

A heart grown large enough to show.

The barn is nothing but a building to the oblivious eye,

But to us it is symbolic of the start of our new lives. 



How a cork screw looks like a solider

The mirror reflects my black face mapping the cracks and creases that plot the deserted landscape. 

Step by step, I remove my protection, my mask of foundation. My concealer. 

Then my soft underbelly, my weakness is showing.

So now my fault lines must be filled so I pour myself another glass of wine;

red like the flag they gave me over his now grave’

red like the blood he shed overseas

as I tucked our children safely into bed.



‘Slut’ ‘Whore’ ‘Beautiful’ ‘Geek’ ‘Nerd’

‘Intelligent’ ‘Four-eyes ‘Fat’ ‘Queer’

Did you see how easy it was for those words to leave my lips?

How the good sound foreign, yet the demanding sound familiar?

Everybody’s words have the ability to save somebody’s life,

To close the wounds of somebody’s past.

But when do we ever use words in that way?

Words are scarcely spoken with deadly intentions

Yet never do what they are intended to do.

Why do words about another’s size or image take precedence over their feelings? 

Why do we so casually use our words to put others down to stop ourselves hurting?

why do we allow words to band together to create horrid lies far from the truth?

Not one person can answer my questions.

We live in a population of 7 billion.

So many different religions and races.

But struggle to live side by side.

Some say it is because we have free will.

That we say and do as we please to use this gift from the God above.

But how is it a gust when we use it as a form of murder?

That’s right, Murder.

Our words kill many thousands a year just because a nation can’t find it within themselves to use their words for good.

So why would God give us a gift that kills?

Give us a weapon of mass destruction and watch as we use it for the wrong reasons?

give it to us without explaining just what it can do.

Maybe there is a God above, maybe he is watching.

But tell me just what he has done to stop these words from killing.