Student Spotlight: Aaron, Ellie and Sam


Earlier today I went to Digitech school to speak to the producers of the short film Mind, the winning non-fiction film for Pocket Pictures. Mind is less than two minutes long in its length yet it manages to portray the symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder, and the isolation that arises from it, perfectly.  The short film also ends with the helpline for Anxiety UK, a confidential information and advice service for anybody affected by anxiety. When speaking to producers, Ellie, Aaron and Sam, it became clear that their reasons for making the film were simple: awareness. Aaron remarked that a lot of people with generalised anxiety are 'silently suffering', unaware of the help that is available to them. The group also raise an interesting point, saying that in schools there is far more awareness about depression than there is anxiety, and they hope that their short film can contribute to changing this gap in awareness.

The group also tell me that although their short film is relevant to everyone, it is focused at young people and they therefore hope that in the near future schools will screen the short film in class or assembly.

Keep your eyes peeled for these guys who tell me that although they have no plans as of yet for future films, they are sure that it is 'not the end'.


Here is Mind.


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