Young Poet Laureate Update – Luka Rollings

Young poet, Luka Rollings, talks about life and poetry since becoming one of the ‘Human Writes’ laureates.

How has the summer been since you became a Young Poet Laureate?

My summer has mostly been very relaxed and reasonably uneventful. I ended up working quite a bit and met some great people through that.

How have the skills you gained on the poetry week helped you with your writing?

During the week at the Arvon Foundation, my poetry progressed enormously as I began to grow more aware of how I was writing and how I could make my writing more powerful and captivating. I learned to find a deeper meaning or motive behind what I was writing.

Have you found inspiration in anything since visiting the Arvon Foundation? If so, what? Why?

Joelle and Anthony’s content still continues to provide me with enormous inspiration and it is really enjoyable finding new artists who inspire. I tend to mostly find these through music and lyrics.

What poetry plans do you have for your allocated library/school? Will you be organising workshops, tutorials, guest speakers etc?

We are still in the early stages in terms of working out how it’s all going to work with the libraries and school but we are on the way to organising workshops to encourage poetry to become more mainstream and accessible.

Have you been writing much poetry?

I have been having waves of motivation in poetry since the Arvon Foundation week. At one point in the summer I lost my book which demotivated me for a while but reading and listening to the incredible pieces of art that can be made keeps bringing me back.

What do you hope to get out of this whole experience?

I hope to possibly take poetry as a career option but I also definitely want to continue meeting the really interesting people who reside in this industry.

What is it that you like about poetry?

I just find immense satisfaction in exploring the creative ideas that can be expressed through poetry. It can have a massive effect on how you see the world.