Young Poet Laureate Update - Sophie Wembridge

Having been in role for a few months now, Young Poet Laureate, Sophie Wembridge, reflects on the story so far.

What have you been up to (poetry wise) since the Arvon poetry week?

I have written a few pieces and read a few aswell, I’ve been focused on the poetry of Wilfred Owen particularly for my A levels.

How have the skills that you gained on the poetry week helped you with your writing?

One skill that helped me massively was to realise that poetry should let the reader make links but that those links can be immensely abstract. It really helped me to understand how to better my writing because it gave me a way to infuse a lot more depth into it.

Have you found inspiration in anything since visiting the Arvon Foundation? If so, what? Why?

It has really given me an enhanced appreciation of words and of the power of communication and I now take a lot from others poetry.

What poetry plans do you have for your allocated library/school?

Will you be organising workshops, tutorials, guest speakers etc? There is a plan in place to hold a termly competition in our library and resource centre and perhaps even a poetry scavenger hunt. With the other young poet laureates, we have plans for Christmas workshops and other great ideas that we’re really excited about.

Have you been writing much poetry?

Often I’ll have phrases or sentences come to me when I'm revising and I’ll put them away for later but I have written a few pieces since. At the moment my poetry focus is on analysing others poetry which helps hugely with my A levels.

What do you hope to get out of this whole experience?

To be a more confident and expressive writer

What is it that you like about poetry?

How so many different people take their own thoughts away from a piece of poetry, theres no right answer and it can mean something completely different to 2 people but also the profound messages, inspiration and expression it can carry.