Luka Rollings' work experience at boomsatsuma


I became acquainted with boomsatsuma through the Human Writes project which you can read about here. My involvement inspired me to pursue them for my work experience placement in June. 

I arrived on Monday on my clunky bike with not a lot of expectations; despite my previous involvement, I didn't know much about how boomsatsuma was run. Upon my arrival, I made a great first impression by struggling to get through the doors - there is a rather tricky bell system. I ascended the great staircases of  Bristol and Exeter House to the boomsatsuma office where I met the some of the crew. Lyndsay, Creative Projects Manager, gave me an introduction to the ethos of the company by giving me a couple hours to explore the website and gain an understanding of the projects and endeavours of boomsatsuma. After this, Lyndsay gave me a camera and the task to make a presentation showing what I felt boomsatsuma was all about. You can see some of the pictures I took below. 


On Tuesday, I was given a marketing task. I had to outline my experiences of the Human Writes project and turn it into a blog post on the website. I learnt that this kind of content is interesting as it gives voice to young people involved in boom's projects. It's also a good way of highlighting the kind of work boom does. In the afternoon, I interviewed two year 12 students in preparation for another marketing task, a 'Student Spotlight'. These showcase the work of boom students. 

On Wednesday, I converted the blog onto Squarespace, designing its layout and thinking about the messaging. I later worked on the 'Student Spotlight', fine tuning the designs and text. This was new to me as I hadn't used Squarespace before and had no experience with making a webpage. It was an interesting and creative experience. I also discovered Hart's Bakery which makes some very tasty cookies and toasties!

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 14.52.01.png

On Thursday, I finished off the Human Writes blog and posted it online, sharing on social media channels for more reach. I then did more research into the boomsatsuma students, polishing the 'Student Spotlight' which you can read here. 

Later, in the afternoon, Lyndsay challenged me to conceptualise my own creative company. I had to design the name, intent and brand identity. This became 'Gong', a charity which has a focus on introducing art to deprived communities through reusing unused materials. I managed to design the logo on Photoshop - I was pleased with it. 

On my final day, I focussed on researching the production of a Human Writes poetry anthology, calling companies and finding out quotes. After this, my second blog was published and shared on social media. I was then tasked with documenting my experiences here. 



Overall, work experience at boomsatsuma has been a very enjoyable and insightful experience for me. My understanding of the creative industry has been greatly developed and I feel that I have made some useful contacts for the future. Thanks boomsatsuma!

Elliot Lamb