The 'Truth Behind the Chocolate Houses Exhibition' Launches at Weston Museum

After months of hard work and dedication, last week saw the launch of the 'The Truth Behind the Chocolate Houses' exhibition at Weston Museum.

The project, a collaboration between boomsatsuma and Weston Museum, received funding from The Heritage Lottery Fund to create a documentary and exhibition about the estate and its residents.


The purpose of the project is to highlight the history of Bournville estate and its residents, from the origins of the estate in 1927 to the present day. In order to do this, a group of young people aged 11-16 who live on and around the estate, have been supported to create a industry standard documentary that seeks to understand what the estate was like and how it has changed over time.

Working closely with a Heritage Consultant, and with the assistance of many local historians who have volunteered their time and resources, the team of young people have completed historical research and collected many oral histories of senior residents. The documentary is set to be screened at the Curzon Cinema in Clevedon on 14th of August - doors at 5.30pm.

As a result of the work on this project and the stories and memories shared, the team behind the project also worked toward the design, creation and installation of an exhibition at the Weston Museum.


As one of the most deprived areas in the country, The Bournville Estate was a target for boomsatsuma who provide creative opportunities for young people, often in challenging contexts.

Lyndsay Davies, Project Manager from boomsatsuma, said: “The estate has such a rich history and meeting and engaging with the people, their stories and memories was incredibly rewarding for all involved. As an organisastion we see creative projects like this one as being hugely valuable for young people. It develops both their creative skills, but also in this instance has helped lots of them develop a greater connection with their community.

"We’d like to thank all the contributors for sharing their stories with us, as well as The Heritage Lottery Fund for making it possible. We hope others in Weston-super-Mare will come and learn more about the truth behind this estate.”


The launch, that took place on Friday 20th between 4 - 6pm, saw many of the film's contributors attend as well as members of the public who were interested in the research carried out.

The interactive exhibition, explains the community project fully whilst also highlighting many of the stories that were shared in the process. From video footage, to a chance to both read or contribute your own story, Weston-Super-Mare residents should visit the museum and see the exhibition for themselves. It runs until until Sunday August 12th 2018.

If you're interested in attending the free screening of the documentary, get in touch with for more information.