When They Go Low - A boomsatsuma Professional Acting Diploma Production


Sarah goes to a party and gets drunk.  A photo of her at the party circulates amongst all her classmates and soon different versions of the truth are navigating through the information highway that is social media.  Miss Reef holds a Girls Only assembly lecturing the students on modest behaviour and appropriate clothing.  Louise has had enough.  Is anyone going to stick up for Sarah?  Is anyone holding the boys accountable for their behaviour?

‘When They Go Low’ is a play that follows young students as they navigate through a world of online bullying, sexism, body shaming, peer pressure, parental pressures and the intersectionality of modern feminism.  We soon see how quickly society rallies together and conspires to silence you when you have no other recourse but to to SPEAK OUT.  In a story where school politics eerily mirrors the current political climate, ‘When They Go Low’ urges audiences to think deeply about the power of words, images and the need for unlikely heroes.

Natalie Mitchell writes for television, theatre and radio and is a regular writer on EASTENDERS.  In 2007, her first play CAN’T STAND ME NOW was presented as part of the Royal Court Young Writer’s Festival, which led to her representing England at the World Interplay Young Writer’s Festival. Nancy Medina was the Genesis Director Award Winner for 2017 and most recently directed Dael Orlandersmith's YELLOWMAN for the Young Vic.  She is Course Leader for boomsatsuma's Professional Acting Diploma in Bristol.

When they go Low is produced as part of NT Connections. Connections is the National Theatre’s annual festival of new plays for youth theatres and schools. It gives young people experience of professional theatre-making. Their experience mirrors that of a company producing a new play in any theatre in the country. boomsatsuma’s Professional Acting Diploma is a full time, 2 year, Extended Diploma course for post 16 students. It’s an alternative to A levels that offers a rich drama school experience taught by industry professionals.

Written by Natalie Mitchell
Directed by Nancy Medina
Produced by boomsatsuma


27th February 2018 7.30pm

 28th February 2018 2pm & 7.30pm

Price: £5.00