COVID-19 Safety Guidance

for new and returning boomsatsuma students

boomsatsuma are moving, as with the rest of the world, cautiously along the path to recovery. We continue to be vigilant in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 health threat.

We are looking forward to welcoming all students to boomsatsuma this autumn. In line with the Government’s guidance safety remains high priority and we will be “minimising physical contact and mixing, while delivering the excellent and balanced curriculum”, as you’ll be expecting from any boomsatsuma course.


Our guiding principles, in line with our partners that we continue to follow are these:

  • keep people safe and support each other

  • support students to learn over time and prepare for next steps

  • ensure support for our most vulnerable

  • promote positive mental health and wellbeing

  • promote equity (people have what they need, rather than the same).


Our Health & Safety teams have carried out detailed centre-specific Risk Assessments, which are being regularly reviewed as and when guidance for schools is published.

The first of the Government’s five controls to minimise risk of infection is to minimise contact with anyone who has shown any Coronavirus symptoms, or anyone with someone symptomatic in their household.

Therefore, we want to stress that if your child shows any of the symptoms (fever, a new cough, loss of smell/taste), they must not come to a boomsatsuma centre. Equally, if anyone in your household shows any of these symptoms, your child must not come to a boomsatsuma centre.


This is in line with our partners at Cabot Learning Federation, and further information can be found on their 'coronavirus information hub'.


Operationally we have produced the below short form 'Safety Guide' for our learners. Please note that this is primarily focused on our workstation-based provision. Where practical or physical lessons are delivered, there are additional context-specific considerations that will be disseminated by learners’ programme leads.


Thank you for your continued support in these challenging times.

Mark Curtis

Creative Director


Our 'Daily Plan' for students based at Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol School of Acting, The Station, The Bottle Yard Studios, SIXTYFIVE Nailsea and Engine Shed.

COVID-19 Safety Guide for boomsatsuma st

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