Games, VR & VFX

at Engine Shed

This Level 3 Extended Diploma is centred around delivering real life projects, in real working environments and often for commercial clients. On this course you’ll develop your skills across a number of disciplines including 3D modelling, rigging, texturing & animation, 2D animation, motion graphics & compositing, 2D illustration and image manipulation, games engines programming for VR and interactive media and film and visual effects.

Studying at Engine Shed isn’t like being at school, you’re learning where the work is. Engine Shed is Bristol’s central location for creative companies to meet and create up-and-coming business ideas, such as app development, web design and smartphone technology. Studying here means you’re not just in a classroom, you’re sharing a workspace and developing your games design, animation and programming skills alongside creative professionals and businesses such as Channel 4 and Bristol Media.

​Our tutors are embedded in the industry and work at the cutting edge of digital production. They will inspire your learning and fuel your creativity alongside guest lecturers from industry and master classes from technical staff and engineers from some of the most innovative and influential development studios on the planet.

Key Info

Recent Projects.

boomsatsuma courses hold immersion and opportunity at their core. The Games, VR & VFX Extended Diploma changes its projects and students' outcomes year on year, by making new connections with specialists and building industry-facing projects. This allows students to not only gain a valuable qualification, but, at the same time, develop a realistic and well-informed portfolio of experience at the earliest stages of their career.

Engine Shed Model

Students spent weeks painstakingly recreating their learning space at Engine Shed. This project provided students with an initial understanding of how technologies traditionally for video games have non-recreational applications.

3D Characters

An introduction to Maya and Cinema 4D for iniital animation of main charcaters. Students produced their characters following a seminar and group discussion with SUMO Digital.