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Our new Extended Diploma Dance programme is designed to encourage students to develop as independent artists and grow into confident, creative dance practitioners. Led by Adele Proctor, the course will develop students’ strong technical and expressive skills. Combining the versatility, creativity and drive to meet the challenges of the competitive and demanding dance profession of today. Students will be taught by a team of dance professionals with a wealth of experience in both performance and choreography.

It will be an intensive and challenging dance course, with the standards and expectations of a professional dancer in training. It’s designed to: develop you as a young contemporary dancer
, discover your individuality 
 and help you achieve your ambitions beyond the course

The course is based on a conservatoire dance school model tailored for 16-18 year olds. It will be intensive and demanding with on average 21 hours a week of class to prepare you for a career in dance. It will focus on contemporary dance, physical theatre, urban and jazz as well as world dance styles to develop you as a versatile artist.

Key Info

Course Structure.

As a student, you’ll have a personalised learning programme and you’ll work with your tutors to develop specific areas of skill. We’ll support your progression so we can best help you to achieve your ambitions beyond the course, whether that’s university, dance school or in some cases entry into the profession.

The course is a practical one. There is some written assignment work but much of the evidence is filmed and evaluation is conducted through filmed interview. We describe the course as consisting of 80% practical and 20% written work. There are no examinations. You are assessed continually through an assignment for each unit.

Technique class

Throughout the two years you’ll have four technique classes a week. Every week there will be a contemporary class, in addition to two of the following, which are rotated termly, throughout the year. In addition, there is a unit titled Global Dance styles, where you will learn dances from other cultures, their origins, spiritual or ritual significance, costumes, music and traditions, such as:

  • Urban dance – including Hip-Hop, Reggaeton and Carnival

  • Physical Theatre

  • Musical Theatre and Jazz

  • Ballet

  • Capoeira

  • Flamenco

  • Classical Indian dance

  • Traditional African dance

Contemporary technique is at the foundation of professional dance training. Over the course you will cover the established technical styles of Limon, Graham, Cunningham, Paxton, Horton and Release; as well as movement content that is current and new.

Repertory Dance Performance allows us to study the work of famous choreographers in a practical sense, developing this work in to a performance inspired by their work.


Choreography, improvisation and movement classes each

week will develop your core skills in dance.

Specialist Units

  • Choreography

  • Leading Dance

  • Dance fitness and safe practice

  • Cross Art Collaboration (acting in a short film or combining acting with dance)

  • Ensemble Dance Performance

  • Repertory Dance Performance

Audition Preparation

Individual tutorials over 3 terms to prepare you for dance school or university dance course entry and ongoing support through the second year.


As a student on the course, you automatically become a member of the dance company. In year 1 you’ll have the opportunity to take part in stages dance festival at Colston Hall and U-Dance festival. You will also put on a showcase of your own choreographic work. In year 2 you’ll be cast in a professionally produced dance production, featuring your own choreographed work in Bristol performance venues.

Student Spotlight.

Ibrahim Ozcetinkaya.png


"It has been a hard ride for me, and my flexibility as a dancer, but that will never stop me from dancing. I have become stronger, more focused, and resilient whilst being at boomsatsuma."