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Teaching Assistant

Learning Support and Mentoring 

Closing date: 21st September 2022
Interview Date: 26th September 2022


Salary: £19,000 per annum

Hours: Full time


Job Summary

Assist in the educational, personal and social development of designated students under the direction and guidance of the SENCO and curriculum staff.  Support students by adopting relevant strategies and techniques supported by some specialist/ developed knowledge and experience to enable them to access the curriculum, engage with their learning and achieve their full potential. Work collaboratively with colleagues, and in particular the teaching staff, to provide specialist support in order to advance learning. Deliver measurable impact on student attainment as well as social and emotional well-being.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Establish and develop supportive, constructive and respectful relationships with designated students both 1:1 and in small groups, guiding their learning and consistently promoting high expectations and employing specialist techniques to ensure they make progress in line with their objectives and achieve their full potential. Provide focused support and feedback as a result of effective monitoring and assessment techniques. Assess, record and report their achievements, progress and development.

  • To offer 1-1 or small group pastoral interventions/mentoring to students requiring further support with social, emotional and mental health needs. 

  • Work in partnership with teachers ensuring individual student learning needs are met, discuss student progress and share strategies and concerns.

  • Effectively communicate knowledge and understanding of pupils to other professionals to facilitate informed decision making with regard to required intervention and provision.

  • To develop and contribute towards systems for monitoring student need, progress and strategies for learning in the classroom environment.  

  • Build effective ongoing relationships with parents/carers keeping them informed of students’ needs, targets and progress and sustaining effective relationships with the boomsatsuma community. Recognise the valuable contribution of parents and carers to the development and wellbeing of students.

  • Work closely with colleagues and external practitioners assisting them with delivery of specialist support.

  • Engage with SENCO as well as colleagues to monitor, evaluate, assess and report on the needs of specific students and their short and long-term learning goals.  Work collaboratively to share information, knowledge and best practice.

  • To actively contribute to the EHCP annual review process and track student progress in accordance with student outcomes. 

  • Work collaboratively to share information, knowledge and best practice.

  • Learn from others to continuously improve practice and ensure required knowledge is up to date and relevant.

  • Deal with any Child Protection disclosures or pastoral concerns sensitively and in line with Safeguarding policy and procedures.

People Management

  • Take responsibility for identified students, using particular strategies to support them to achieve their targets.  Act as mediator and advocate working in their best interests when in professional dialogue with others. Employ specialist techniques and strategies, developed through experience to support students to achieve their targets. Promote the inclusion and acceptance of all students within the classroom.

Resource Management

  • Produce resources and study materials for use in intervention groups and in lessons.

  • Highlight and recommend resources that could be utilised to support specific students.

  • Ensure learning resources, IT and disability aids are available and operational as required to support full inclusion.

  • Use developed positive behaviour management techniques and strategies with support where required.

  • Ensure all written and electronic records and reports are accurate, comprehensive and timely.

  • Employ skilled techniques and strategies in student monitoring and assessment in order to progress student learning and performance. 

Decision Making

  • Liaise with teachers regarding learning needs for specific students, decide on appropriate strategies considering differentiation to allow individuals to fully access the lesson.

  • Contribute to the identification and selection of students for specific interventions such as social skills or literacy and numeracy sessions.

  • Adapt communication style and language to suit the individual student and their specific needs, demonstrating skill and a range of techniques to enable inclusion and responsiveness to the individual.

Work Demands

  • Be flexible to meet the needs of students, able to multi-task and adapt to changing situations as they arise

  • Ability to be patient, show empathy and remain calm under pressure.

  • Undertake other appropriate tasks such as first aid duties as required.

  • Adopt a range of techniques and strategies, gained through experience to promote positive pupil behaviour and deal promptly and effectively with conflict and incidents in line with policy. Encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own behaviour.

Working Conditions

  • Work will be based at your assigned centre but will include accompanying students on visits and may include attending meetings at other sites. May be required to carry out duties at other boomsatsuma centres (Bristol based).

Expectations of Jobholder

  • Be committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

  • Ensure that the equal opportunities policy is adhered to and promoted in all aspects of the post holder’s work.

  • Demonstrate professionalism towards sensitive and confidential information and adhere to data protection legislation.

  • Comply with and promote Health and Safety and Safeguarding policies and procedures and to undertake recommended training as and when necessary.

  • Commit to professional self-development, such as through participation in inset training and professional services networks as necessary for the successful carrying out of the job.


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