The Boombus

In 2017 we are celebrating our success at securing Youth Investment Funding for a 3 year youth work project based in Weston Super Mare. With this funding we are purchasing a mobile resource unit and converting it into a creative, educational space for young people and calling it the “Boombox”. The Boombox will deliver 3 sessions a week to the Bournville, Oldmixon and Coronation Estates. A variety of creative activities will be offered to young people including film making, photography and establishing a young people’s internet radio, as well as music production. The Boombox will be equipped with 4 workstations, WiFi, a H.D. T.V, a seating area and it will contain arts and sports equipment that can be used outside of the vehicle. We are confident that the bright and bold exterior of the Boombox (designed and decorated by young people) combined with the high-tech equipment and seating area will make the mobile unit a success with young people. Furthermore, we hope the Boombox becomes a safe space for young people, where they can chill out, socialise, listen to music and destress. Finally, the Youth Worker who is on the Boombus at any given time will be able to offer advice and support for individuals for anything that is troubling them. For more information regarding the boombox contact project manager Elaine Harris

William Bently