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Concept Art: Idea to Creation

BA (Hons) Game Art

Concept Art: Idea to Creation

A demonstration of game art concepts from idea to creation.

In this workshop, you’ll process an image in an interesting way using industry standard tools, and then project it onto a whiteboard to be outlined and shaded. The final captured result can be taken home or displayed on site.

Session Breakdown

  • 5 mins - Bristol and boomsatsuma introduction

  • 5 mins - Brief overview of BA (Hons) Game Art at boomsatsuma

  • 10 mins - Demonstration of how to treat an image using Photoshop

  • 30 mins - Project the image onto a whiteboard, then outline, shading and capture

  • 10 mins - Careers in Game Art

60 Minutes*

Up to 20 students

Years 10-13

Years 10-13

* Alternate workshop durations are available on request

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