Designing Escape Rooms Workshop

BA (Hons) Games Design and Production

Designing Escape Rooms Workshop

Explore the popular ‘escape room’ game format, hands-on.

Focusing on a collaborative experience that helps children develop numeracy skills. Well run through a number of approaches to developing escape room puzzles, before moving to paper prototyping and then playtesting.

Session Breakdown

  • 5 mins - Bristol and boomsatsuma introduction

  • 5 mins - Brief overview of BA (Hons) Game Design and Production at boomsatsuma

  • 20 mins - Exploring escape room mechanics

  • 40 mins - Rapid prototyping of escape room puzzles

  • 10 mins - Playtesting

  • 10 mins - Careers in Game Design and Production

60 Minutes*

Up to 20 students

Years 10-13

Years 10-13

* Alternate workshop durations are available on request

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