Getting Started with Web UI Workshop

BSc (Hons) Web Design and Development

Getting Started with Web UI Workshop

A practical introduction to user interface (UI) design for the web.

We first paint a picture of the web of today, as well as employability opportunities in the field. The main part of the workshop involves critiquing existing examples of web design, and proposing solutions to improve user experience. This includes a segment on how to deconstruct UI design, a short seminar-style analysis task, and a paper-based redesign activity.

Session Breakdown

  • 5 mins - Bristol and boomsatsuma introduction

  • 5 mins - Brief overview of BSc (Hons) Web Design and Development at boomsatsuma

  • 10 mins - Deconstructing web UI

  • 5 mins - Critiquing existing designs

  • 25 mins - Web UI redesign task

  • 10 mins - Careers in Web Design and Development

60 Minutes*

Up to 20 students

Years 10-13

Years 10-13

* Alternate workshop durations are available on request

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