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Introduction to the 'Zine'

BA (Hons) Documentary Photography and Print

Introduction to the 'Zine'

The photography industry runs on printed matter.

Through the sale of fine art prints, portfolios, photo books, zines and magazines, artists share their work with the world. In this zine workshop, students learn how to get their work out into the world in printed form! It will enable students to develop skills in sequencing, design, zine binding and professional practice.

Session Breakdown

  • 10 mins - An overview of BA (Hons) Documentary Photography and Print at boomsatsuma

  • 5 mins - Presentation on zine structures

  • 15 mins - Sequencing photographs for a zine

  • 20 mins - Building the student zines

  • 5 mins - ‘Tipping in’ the photographs to the zine.

  • 5 mins - Strategies for distribution

60 Minutes*

Up to 20 students

Years 10-13

Years 10-13

* Alternate workshop durations are available on request

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