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Non-Linear Storytelling and The Web

BSc (Hons) Web Design and Development

Non-Linear Storytelling and The Web

A great way to start exploring web programming is by making a non-linear story.

An interactive, non-linear story offers choices that steer the direction of a narrative. In this workshop we use Twine to create a simple non-linear story for the web, then enhance its look and feel using CSS styling and additional HTML elements (such as images). With participants getting instance results and a chance to explore the creative side of web development, this workshop is a great entry point to the field for people with little or no experience in coding.

Session Breakdown

  • 10 mins - The web: 25 years of innovation and change

  • 5 mins - Career opportunities in web design and development

  • 5 mins - What is non-linear storytelling, and why Twine?

  • 30 mins - Technical demonstration of core techniques

  • 10 mins - Break

  • 60 mins - Finish and style a non-linear story using Twine

120 Minutes*

Up to 20 students

Years 10-13

Years 10-13

* Alternate workshop durations are available on request

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