Ayla Heimly

Ayla Heimly is a final year drama student on our Bristol Professional Acting Diploma Course who moved to the UK with her mum from Norway only 3 years ago.

It was Ayla’s mum was who first inspired her to get into acting and when she was asked to join her in a small scale theatre production of Ibsen’s “Peer Gynt” she realised it was something she wanted to start thinking about seriously.

"I think the teenage years can often leave us feeling self conscious and not confident in ourselves, and for me that is something that I’m definitely still working on letting go of in both my acting and my “real life”. Being on the acting course with boomsatsuma is allowing her to do so. “It’s such a positive experience to be met by adults who take young people with creative ambitions and dreams seriously”. Ayla loves to receive feedback and assurance from the people that she looks up to in and outside of boomsatsuma.

“What I love about theatre making is that it opens up for all the ways people can participate with their creativity in. Theatre is a bit like drawing in that sense; you never achieve the idealised image you have in your head, instead you end up with something slightly different. But that can be a good kind of different, too!”

During Ayla’s first controlled assessment was when she truly got a sense of how making theatre from scratch felt like. She felt that it allowed her to participate with her own creativity. In this assessment they had the opportunity to explore writing,design how to get/make props as well as how to manage and schedule rehearsals.”It was an incredible learning curve as we only had two weeks to create our own theatre performance, and although it wasn't easy I feel like we gained a much better understanding of how much effort these kind of creations demand”.

Ayla has always been passionate about nature and has previously taken part in environmental activism to try and make a change. While Ayla Lived in Glastonbury she formed local friends of the Earth group and helped during a few local campaigns (Save the Bees and stop Fracking!) being one of them Ayla’s goal is “to make theatre that actually deals with these issues and that can, somehow, remind people of the state of it all, and the many cries for help. “I would love to be able to contribute in reminding people of the beauty around us that is so incredible and awesome and yet so fragile. I think that is what can really make a difference.”

In Ayla’s and her group's play they had chosen to base the storyline to focus on plastic pollution and ocean waste. "We wanted to zoom in on one environmental issue and represent it as part of a wider picture”. They had to come up with a way with creating a storyline that would deal with a very relevant political issue while also creating an interesting and original story that could engage the audience. This is something Ayla is very passionate about.

Ayla wrote a beat poem for the play about the impact that humanity is having on the planet. Check it out in the youtube click below!

"I really enjoyed writing some of the script for our play. I kind of saw my opportunity to channel everything I want to talk about when it comes to environmental issues, but don't necessarily always have the opportunity or space to discuss in my day to day life. It was great to finally have the chance to say something, and voice my opinion through writing speeches for my character. You should have the right to voice your feelings in your own way and in your own words.”


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