#boombasketball... It's game on

Put some bounce into your lockdown on Monday 18th May, 6pm, with our live stream of a virtual basketball game, featuring under-16's national basketball champion team Bristol MET, from Bristol Metropolitan Academy.

They will be marking the end of their (cancelled) season from lockdown with a virtual game against alumni players, which will be available to watch on this site via http://boomsatsuma.com/boombasketball, or on Twitch.

We’re very proud that boomsatsuma students, from a range of Sports Media, Dance and Games, VR and VFX courses, pulled together to fine-tune the tech and create content to make this project possible at a very challenging time. Their hard work during lockdown on-line home learning is being brought together to enable the virtual game.  Input has ranged from enabling the live streaming the NBA2K game, via the popular gaming platform Twitch, generating assets for the live stream around the players avatars, producing content for the interval indents and creating content for social media platforms to engage fans.

This creates a virtual opportunity for Bristol Metropolitan Academy pupils, friends, families of the players and basketball fans across the city to get together behind the teams and enjoy the E-sporting spectacle.

Ten players will take to their gaming consoles for a competitive game between the year 11 team and a Bristol Metropolitan Academy alumnus, who have continued to build their basketball careers from their roots with the team.