boomsatsuma moves to teaching online to counteract social isolation

boomsatsuma is continuing to run its college courses online with live teaching, effectively maintaining education and the ability to achieve their qualifications for its students in the face of government advice to the education sector closing down facilities.

boomsatsuma is working closely with Cabot Learning Federation and local councils in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and has reacted quickly to protect student and staff welfare, while enabling continued interactive student learning.

Pictured: Oliver Butt, Year 2 Sports Media student working remotely at home (usually based at Ashton Gate Stadium).

boomsatsuma director Stuart Wood commented: “The well-being and continued education of our students have been our priority; our unique business model, based around continued assessment, has allowed us to be very nimble and achieve both seamlessly. I’m very proud that our management team moved rapidly to plan and implement contingencies to enable online learning."

“We had to be pragmatic and fully supportive of the move for students in isolation, in line with the rest of society, whilst also realising that we could minimise the disruption to their lives by fulfilling qualifications. boomsatsuma students have consistently qualified with grades well above the national average, so the team are keen to give this years’ output the opportunity to excel and move forwards with the best possible grades.”

Not all of boomsatsuma’s students had home internet or laptops so the management team has visited homes with desk top imacs and laptops. Online lessons began this week and have recorded 100% attendance.

Mark Curtis, boomsatsuma director, said: “Our online education models allow for selected lessons to be flexibly logged in to and involve all teachers and students interacting with each other through various teaching platforms. This means students will be communicating live and pitching ideas as much as they can, so that everyone can excel and achieve their optimum grades.

“Thanks to everyone for understanding the difficultly of the current situation and adapting to move past this huge challenge with resilience.”

boomsatsuma is continuing to enrol students for their 2020/2021 creative courses and hope that they can return to face to face education from their industry-based locations. For anyone planning their future beyond Covid-19 visit