Blowing up Bananas with boomsatsuma

boomsatsuma student Phoebe Pender produced a series of films to support the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) to promote entries for its International Science Photographer of the Year Award 2020, Dec 2020.

Working with industry partners on meaningful projects is at the core of boomsatsuma students gaining ‘real world’ skills, as part of their education. The RPS wanted to create a series of films interviewing previous entrants and winners to promote the 2020 competition.

Phoebe is a student on our Level 3 Film and TV two-year extended diploma college course, based at The Bottle Yard Studios and aspiring to be an editor. She took on the brief to interview photographers from the UK, China and Canada to create three-to-five-minute profiles of the photographers and their work, to inspire this years’ entrants.

In-keeping with the pandemic popular platform, Phoebe used Zoom to conduct the interviews during lockdown, with photographers describing their projects, ranging from electrifying fruit to Kirlean photography. She then edited the four films be uploaded to the RPS’s YouTube Channel and featured on the RPS’s homepage

Liz Williams, Education Manager at the RPS commented:

"Phoebe did a brilliant job with this project and all its components, from the interviews to the putting together and editing of the films. Her hard work was evident, and the final outcome fitted the original brief perfectly. I’m looking forward to working with her in future."

Phoebe is set to continue to create more profiles on international science photographers featuring this years’ entrants, once the 2020 awards have been judged.

Phoebe states:

“This was a great opportunity to work with RPS on a live project, see my work being used and viewed on their website, while building experience and adding to my portfolio.”

boomsatsuma is extending its Film & TV extended Diploma education pathway, launching a new Film Pre-and Post Production degree, which will be based at the RPS. Applications are now open to apply for students to join these courses.