Genaya Hartley-Gordon

17 year old, Genaya Hartley-Gordon, is a Year 13 boomsatsuma media production student studying at Bristol's creative and Digital hub, The Engine Shed. Genaya's main passions are media production, camera work, filmmaking and dance.

Genaya likes to merge her love of media production and dance. One of her recent boomsatsuma projects was a film about dance in Bristol. ”There's not a lot of dance exhibited in Bristol so I wanted to make a film to promote it and show that it does go on. It’s also something that’s really personal to me, so being able to incorporate that with my media work was really great.”

boomsatsuma really helped Genaya with the making of her film. "I never knew how to use any of the software before starting this course and now I feel so confident in using it. Since starting the course I also have gained confidence in showing people my work, I post a lot on my youtube channel now because I feel proud of it.”

Genaya is really enjoying her time on the boomsatsuma Media Production Course. “ I love the independence you get with your creativity; you get given a unit but can interpret it in your own style.” Genaya also likes the hours that the course provides, she is able to comfortably complete all the work within the day and focus on the one thing she loves, rather than doing multiple subjects. "All the teachers are really helpful and supportive, they have a really good balance of giving you creative freedom but are always there to help and give advice.”

After boomsatsuma, Genaya would love to get an apprenticeship with The BBC, and be able to work her way up. The end goal is working for a production company and doing camera operation work. She would also love to continue her passion for dance and work on a project that combines the two!

“If anyone is thinking of coming to boomsatsuma, I say do it! If you want to be able to express yourself and your style through work and receive a qualification for it then this is for you , boomsatsuma is how I brought myself out.”     


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