Gypsey Lockett

Second year Game Art student, Gypsey, tells us about her experience with boomsatsuma. Gypsey first joined us on the Games, VR & VFX course based at The Engine Shed, one of our college courses.

When she joined, she didn’t have much experience at all. In the first year you cover the basic foundations so you are ready to explore your options in the next year, discovering what interests you the most and choosing your path from there.

As Gypsey says: “Most of our classmates came onto the course not having any knowledge about games or any game production software. We learned how to use the Adobe Creative Suite, create 3D models and environments within a very short amount of time, which is pretty cool!”

Our BA (Hons) Game Art degree is a great progression route for the Games, VR & VFX students. It was a path that Gypsey was keen to follow: ”We were introduced to the degree as it was being constructed and it was very exciting to know that we could do it without having to move halfway across the country. It was comforting to know that we would have the same teacher that we had for the past two years and it felt like the right move to take for me at the time, as well as moving with some of my classmates from the Extended Diploma course. It was then nice to meet other new students who joined us.

“I am really enjoying being on the degree course; the technology and software we use is constantly progressing and it is exciting to see what we will learn next. I really enjoy working with my friends collaboratively on projects, it feels like we are a real team!”

One of Gypsey’s favourite projects is the creation of 3D characters from scratch: “We had to create a character profile and 3D model to match. I used Maya to create my character as it is the software I am most comfortable with. I also used Substance and Unreal.”

Here is an example of one of Gypsey’s characters that she has created:

“At the moment, me and a few other students are working on a virtual production. It is early days, but we have everything planned and are ready to begin.” Stay tuned for the final results.

Gypsey found it hard to begin with, being the only female on the course but she wants to show that working in Games isn’t just for males: “Since the very first day of college, I have struggled with being the only girl as I was very different from everyone else and I felt embarrassed to show my work or opinions. However, once I got used to being around everyone I started to use it to my advantage, as it was clear that I had a different take on a lot of projects. It made me and my work stand out.

“We have a lot of things planned over the next two years of the degree. I am very excited to start making my virtual production, as it is something all of my team are passionate about and I think we are going to produce some really great things.

“I have learned many different skills on the course. As we have worked with professional clients, I have gained many skills that will help me after the course. I’ve improved my communication and time management skills, and working in a team and within a deadline.

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