Kory Cook

Kory is a second year student on our Sports Media Production Level 3 Extended Diploma. Read more about how Kory was introduced to boomsatsuma some of his great achievements already after being on the course for only a year.

Ironically, Kory found us on Twitter: “I found out about boomsatsuma completely by chance: I tweeted something about wanting to be a journalist and looking for some recommendations”. Reece, the Sports Media Lead stumbled across Kory’s tweet and introduced him to the course. “I got in touch with Reece. It was a big decision to move to boomsatsuma because it meant I'd be dropping down an academic year, as I'd already done a year at college elsewhere, and also meant leaving behind friends. But once Reece described the course and the opportunities that come from it, my mind was made up pretty quickly.

“The thing I enjoy most about boomsatsuma is the unique way that we work. None of our work is something that once you’re done with it, you’ll never see it again. We do everything for a client or for an actual purpose, meaning that little bit more effort is put into everything that we do. I’ve also met some great people and made really good mates through the course.

“A piece of work I'm most proud of is, to be honest, probably the first project we did, which was creating a video raising awareness for discrimination and how to stop it or report it. We worked with local football clubs and it really got the ball rolling, but I'm most proud of the outcome as it looks really professional, and that’s something I look back on and think: that was actually pretty good for our first project!”

With the students like Kory located at Ashton Gate Stadium, they are open to many opportunities:

“The best person I have worked with is Toby Osborne, who is a commentator for Bristol City. We first talked to him during the Christmas lockdown via Zoom, and then a few months down the line I contacted him about helping us out for a project we are currently doing. He was brilliant and really keen to help out, and the fact that he took time to help us out when he didn’t need to, really means a lot to us and shows we must be doing something right.”

Along with other classmates, Kory has managed to gain some amazing job opportunities: “At the moment I am doing two internships. I am Programme Producer for Weston-super-Mare AFC, a job which isn’t easy and new challenges come up on a weekly basis. I am also just starting a job with Bristol City Women as their PA announcer on match days, which is a paid role and something I'm really looking forward to starting. These are two roles that when I first started the course, I probably wouldn’t have even thought about doing, so that’s credit to Reece and Rob who have helped me to build a range of skills in different aspects of media, which has given me the confidence to take both roles on.

“What I'll definitely take away from the course is great friendships, a really good portfolio and many good projects and roles that I can put on my CV. As important as grades are, and I hope my grades are great too, I feel that the thing that stands this course way out ahead of others is that it offers opportunities in terms of internships or work experience that you wouldn’t get anywhere else, and both the roles themselves and the contacts you make through them are going to be so valuable in the future.

After college I will be looking into the best avenue for me to get into the sports media industry, whether that be an apprenticeship or university. I’d like to again say a huge thank you to Reece and Rob, who have given me these opportunities that I feel really lucky to be able to do, especially given the fact I haven't even graduated yet."