Lloyd Ashman

Lloyd Ashman is a 16 year old student studying our Media Production Extended Diploma course at Curzon Cinema in Clevedon, one of the oldest continually running, purpose built cinemas in the world!

The location of the boomsatsuma media production course at the Curzon was one of the things that appealed to Lloyd. "I have been coming to the Curzon Cinema since I was really young with my family so I just thought it would be a really cool place to study something that I enjoy".

Lloyd has always loved photography. "Before coming to boomsatsuma I could only take photos on my phone but coming here has allowed me to use state of the art equipment and expand my skills. One of Lloyd's favourite photographers is a 'Nightscape'. He takes all his photos at night-time and portrays the city of London with long exposure shots. Check out Lyods own photo below inspired by Nightscape's work.

One of the projects we've been working on at boomsatsuma is a documentary for the Clevedon Skate Park, my role was the producer. It was a great experience because we all got to try out different roles in a production team like filming, operating the boom mics and editing. The project itself is was to raise funds to refurbish the current skate park into a better place for the Clevedon community. Check out the finished documentary in the video below!

“boomsatsuma has really helped me, I get so much support from my teachers and my classmates. I also really wanted a change and to get out of the school-like environment. At Curzon I have met so many new people with the same interests as me" Lloyd loves the fact that he is given a lot of freedom in his work and can interpret the units in his own way, but still gets the same support from the teachers that you get at school.

“I’m not entirely sure what it is in Media that I want to do when I  am older but that's why I chose this course to help me explore and find out where I want to go. If you're thinking of coming to this course, I'd definitely say do it! "


Want to join Llyod and the boomsatsuma team at Curzon Cinema? If you're interested in media production you can apply for our courses by going to boomsatsuma.education/apply

Or if you have any questions get in touch on facebook or on hello@boomsatsuma.com