Lorin Henderson and togetherall introduced to support boomsatsuma students and staff wellbeing.

Lorin has joined the team as boomsatsuma as Higher Education Student Support, September 2021, alongside the introduction of togetherall: a suite of digital and personal resources, to give comprehensive mental health and wellbeing support.

David Thorpe, boomsatsuma’s Safeguarding Officer, Health and Safety Officer and member of the Pastoral team states:

“We are a real family at boomsatsuma and I’m delighted to welcome Lorin. It’s important that we have the ability to help each other when it’s needed, far beyond education and career pathways.

“Acknowledging that the pandemic has increased the pressures felt by staff and students across the past eighteen months, alongside our expansion, we recognise the importance of increasing our resources by offering free, accessible advice and support to maintain everyone’s wellbeing.

“As part of our team, Lorin will be aware of potential pressure points and provide an opportunity to sit down and have a personal conversation. togetherall provides a fully confidential consultancy with a community of experienced people working together to improve mental health and well-being.”

Anyone experiencing any difficulties should feel confident that there will always be an empathetic ear at boomsatsuma to help navigate any challenges.