Mike Bailey

17 year old, Mike Bailey, is a Year 13 boomsatsuma media production student studying at Bristol's creative and Digital hub, The Engine Shed. One of Mike’s passions is Graphic design which has now become the focus of his work as he begins to specialise in his second year at boom. Mike likes exploring nature in his designs and particularly enjoys using contrasted colours and imagery. His work below was even featured in the recent boomsatsuma brochure!

The inspiration for the work above, was an image Mike stumbled across online; a deer silhouette formed out of twigs. Mike used to make a lot of geometric styled designs so this was something different for him that he was keen to try it out. In one of the classes units, the students all designed hoodies and then got their designs printed on the real thing. Mike decided to explore the image he had been originally inspired by idea further and designed his own bird formed of branches on Adobe Illustator and Photoshop to form the graphic for his hoodie design. He finds it interesting to hear how people interpret his designs and finds it can be useful to have feedback from classmates that he can then use in the future. "The message is how the individual looks at it, it’s more personal and impactful for them” he says.

Another project that Mike had been working on at boomsatsuma is a mobile phone study app. His main goal is to build a business based on helping people. The study app that he has designed has special features, such as informing you of how long you spend on each app, allowing you to set a focus times where you set a limit of time for you to be allowed on a certain app.

The problems that Mike faces is being able to bring his app to life, due to the the cost and technical complexity. He has a plan to fund his app by making video podcasts on relevant topics. He acknowledges the fact that it is going to be a long process and will take a while but he states it will give him time to develop the design, concept and technical side of things as well as put together more funding from sponsors over time.

“The app has been something that I have wanted to do for years and coming to boomsatsuma has given me the chance to experiment with it", Mike says. "If something doesn't happen immediately, I usually want to dismiss it, but working here you learn that you just have to stick at it". Mike wants to spread the message that you shouldn't give up on something that seems difficult ”you may fail many times but you will get there eventually!”.

Mike’s next step after boomsatsuma is to go into a creative profession, so he can continue to develop his skills practically whilst earning. He would eventually like to go freelance with his end goal being able to travel the world whilst managing his own business, doing what he loves, designing and app development.


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