Oli Keys-Toyer

Oli is a 17 year old Media Student studying the boomsatsuma Media Production Diploma at the Bottle Yard TV and Film Studios. Oli has always been into film and photography but since starting the boomsatsuma course has taken a huge interest in Animations and Graphics.

“What it is about graphic design that I love is that it allows you to create things that you couldn't capture through film , it gives you the creative freedom to make anything you want in your head, you have complete control how you want it look: shape, colours, styles, it can be whatever you want it to be.”

This month, Oli and the rest of his class at the Bottle Yard TV and Film Studios, have been involved in Children In Need. For the project Oli was asked to design a poster which was then used on one of the set designs and shown on national television at the Children In Need show on the BBC!

“ It was such a proud moment thinking that's actually what I made on TV and the amount of people that would have seen it" Oli said. "We were all there while it was being filmed. It was such a surreal but really amazing experience being able to be on set and seeing the amount of people working behind the scenes and what goes into it.”

Oli really likes the location at the bottleyard, “Being at the bottleYard puts everything into perspective, If i was at a school I would learn it but thats it , where as here everything you learn , you see it in a functional setting and it practically happening.”

Oli says that his class size is quite small, so it is easy to collaborate with each other. They get lots of attention and support from their teacher and they all help each other out. “I’m quite dyslexic , so coming to boomsatsuma has really helped me put all my focus into a creative subject, the opportunities and experience that it has given me is really amazing.”

One of Olli's most recent creations is a skateboarding animation. “ I started off with individual shots, then put them together into a sequence.” Check it out in the video below!

Oli used to use photoshop for previous designs, but started to find it very time consuming so he decided to venture outside his comfort zone and start using adobe animate. "I found it quite challenging because it is something that I haven't used before but I experimented and worked it out in the process with the support of my boomsatsuma teacher. "Oli chose to do his animation video on skateboarding because it is something he is interested in himself and “there are a lot of energetic movements so making it into a graphic I thought would look cool.”

When Oli is older he would like to be a cinematographer for music videos, film and TV. When he graduates from boomsatsuma Oli plans to go to university to study film, and expand his knowledge.


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