Scott Weavers

Scott Weavers is a boomsatsuma Year 13 Creative and Digital Media Production student studying at the Engine Shed in Bristol.

Scott first discovered his passion for film making and editing in secondary school when he had to make a film for a history project, now in his second year at boomsatsuma, this interest has become a reality. “When making films I love to create something that has a story, I think it’s great to see the audience engage in what you have made rather than just having nice looking shots.”

Scott’s latest project is a film about Fortitude, a British sci-fi psychological thriller television series by Sky Atlantic with filming that takes place at The Bottle Yard TV and Film Studios in Bristol. “It’s the best and most exciting film I’ve worked on so far, you learn from your mistakes on previous work so it gets better each time”. Scott, along with a group of other members of his class, Victoria Porter, Laylah Silver, Issac Sangyang-Meek, Chloe Malpas, Genaya Hartley-Gordon and Oli Keys-Toyer, all filmed at the Bottle Yard TV and Film Studios capturing behind the scene shots of the tv show, and interviewing the cast and crew. They even got to meet and interview, Marvis Rees, the Major of Bristol.

Scott Weavers and Laylah Silver at the Fortitude Film Premier at the Watershed, Bristol

After completing the film, it was aired on the the big screen at The Watershed. “It was such an accomplishment to see the reactions of people watching something I’d put so much work into, and to talk to them afterwards about it, it was really inspiring”. Bristol Magazine also wrote an article about the filming of the show and the work Scott and his classmates had done.

“Walking into the Bottle Yard TV and Film Studios was so exciting, it’s amazing seeing how they create the sets, seeing all the equipment, and hearing the Director shout, “Cut”. It’s surreal but eye opening as well to see how it all operates, it really makes me want to go into this line of work when I am older.”

Bristol Magazine Article on Fortitude and boomsatsuma students

boomsatsuma really helped Scott in the process of working on this film, “before starting my 2 year course here, I had very little knowledge on editing but you learn so much from your teachers and the workshop lessons. Everyone here is so friendly and approachable that you feel comfortable asking for advice. They give you the freedom to explore the style you like but also give you continuous guidance, feedback and support.”

The Forititude Experience by Scott Weavers & Co.


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