Sophie Bryant

Sophie Bryant is a Y13 student on our Creative and Digital Media Production Extended Diploma studying at our central Bristol Location, Engine Shed.

Sophie started creating digital art when she was 12 years old. She has grown up drawing in her spare time so coming to boomsatsuma really helped her explore her interest and develop her skills further.

“I really enjoy writing stories and drawing, I would say that I am quite imaginative, this is what inspires me to think of the designs that I make as I really enjoy designing and drawing characters in lots of detail.

Sophie explains the atmosphere in her class at The Engine shed is relaxed but professional. It's really helped her with her organisation and time management because she can work independently on projects but still get the help of teachers.

Sophie only knew one other person in her class when starting boomsatsuma. "I used to be very anxious throughout school, but boomsatsuma has really helped me grow in confidence, it's really made me grow as a person.”

One of things that Sophie is pleased to be taking away with her from boomsatsuma is the portfolio that she has built up over the year and a half she has been here. “ I get excited adding as much work as I can onto my website, knowing I can use it all in the future to help me!”

“When I’m older I would like to be an independent game designer, there are so many different aspects of making a game, I would love to design characters for them and work on the storyline, that would be the end goal.”


All images drawn and created by Sophie Bryant. Photograph by Frankie Fletcher.

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