Victoria Porter

boomsatsuma came as a refuge to Victoria when City of Bristol College saw her potential in video and video editing. The college recommended boomsatsuma to Victoria because they believed that they could accommodate her exceptional ability and upon an induction day, Victoria secured her dream of pursuing boomsatsuma’s media production course.

She describes her work on the course as ‘challenging’ however emphasises her love of the level of freedom students are given. She also describes the relationship with staff was on as being more of a friendship with respect which makes the experience very enjoyable for her.

The course focuses on a variety of areas within the creative industry; Victoria explains: "Variety within the work means we are outside our comfort zone at times. It allows the students with more knowledge of the industry because the challenge is realistic."

She described the difference between boomsatsuma and typical A-levels by adding that: "Here, students perform ‘real life work’ and build up a portfolio which means that they can immediately show employers the skill level they are working at."

"The fact that the classroom is located within Engine Shed, a prominent centre for creative technologies, means that students have a direct involvement in the industry from an early stage and are surrounded by people who work within it. It's great!"

Victoria at the Bottle Yard Studios filming with Marvin Rees.


Victoria's latest work is a short film called ‘Life is a Moment’, detailing the evolution of an introverted girl. The film explores a change from an unexciting life of routine, to a life of adventure and confidence. You can watch the film below.