Wellington Gaius-Obaseki

Wellington is a 17 year old boomsatsuma student studying the Games, VR and VFX Extended Diploma Course at The Engine Shed. "I like to be busy! As long as it's something stimulating my brain I'm interested.” Wellington says. "I've always loved art and games but I didn’t know there was a course like this that existed until I heard about boomsatsuma..."

Wellington outside the home of our Games, VR and VFX Course, The Engine Shed

In their first year of the gaming course, students are learning the foundations of what goes into gaming and working on designing 2D games. Next year they will make a 3D game and will choose whether they want to focus on the the concept and art of the game or the programming of it. Wellington is looking forward to being able to put together ideas and start designing concepts. “The style that I work in is realistic imagery, I like to design things in lots of tiny detail that it will look real. I want this to show in the characters that I will make in my game." Check out some of Wellington's work below:

Wellington says “boomsatsuma has helped me lots with time management, now that I'm focusing on just the one subject". When he started the course he was comfortable with Photoshop and Illustrator but was very unfamiliar with 3D modelling softwares: Unity and Maya. “Greg and Joe, my teachers make using the 3D software way more approachable, they explain and help so well.” The gaming course is split into two classes. “ I really like the size of the class, you focus a lot more and everyone gets on so well with supporting one another, I think we were all mates within the first two hours of meeting.”

After boomsatsuma, Wellington wants to go to university to expand his knowledge and skills and when he's older he wants to be a concept designer, “I would like to work my way up to creative director, so I can make my own ideas come to life.”


Interested in Games Design? Apply for our Games, VR and VFX Extended Diploma at www.boomsatsuma.education/apply. Or find out more by visiting www.boomsatsuma.education/gamesvrandvfx