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submission deadline 1 january 2022

boomsatsuma Photography School, Bristol brings you SHAPES magazine, the new twice-yearly visual arts magazine focusing on storytelling across photography, film and design.


Taking its name from the building blocks of composition across these visual arts practices, SHAPES mission is to promote artists work from across the globe to an international audience and bring these varied but connected mediums into conversation with each other.


Uniquely, SHAPES is edited, designed and produced by boomsatsuma Photography School students on the BA (Hons) Documentary Photography and Print degree programme with the contents, theme and editorial line of each edition being curated through the submissions of a twice-yearly open call.


We encourage submissions from everyone and everywhere, whether you are a photographer, filmmaker, designer, curator, editor - creative or otherwise - and we are particularly excited for submissions from writers and critical thinkers.


We believe in printed matter and as such, the work that is presented in SHAPES will only exist in printed form.


We are very excited to hear from you, so please get in touch and submit for the first edition of the magazine.

Email or wetransfer your submissions to

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