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Dr Daniela De Angeli

Dr Daniela De Angeli

Game Design and Production

Head of Game Design

Daniela has more than 13 years of experience as a game, graphic and interaction designer. She worked for museums and cultural organisations all around the world, including the New Mexico History Museum in USA, The Ruhr Museum in Germany, the British Museum in the UK, the National Trust UK, and the National Geographic. Her works take theories from a variety of disciplines - from psychology and human computer interaction to museology and memory studies - and translate them into game mechanics and narratives to fit different purposes.

Daniela is currently the creative director of the community interest company Echo Games where she designs ‘seriously fun’ games that educate, stimulate critical reflection, bring awareness, tell important stories, and have a positive impact on society. Recently she has designed a card game and video game to raise awareness of environmental issues, and two digital games that stimulate critical reflection about war and conflict.

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