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 BSc (Hons) 

Web Design and Development.

An Introduction.

A blend of digital design, creative technologies and computer science. Learn how to make modern web experiences in this original, career-focused course.

The web has never been more important. It is critical to almost every aspect of our daily lives, from learning and working, to shopping and entertainment. Web technologies not only underpin our economy - they shape the way we connect with knowledge, society, and culture at large. All this means there is constant demand for new talent in the world of web design and development. Creative tech companies need people with well-informed design sensibilities, wide-ranging technical skills, and a nuanced understanding of where the web is heading. Could this be you?


BSc (Hons) Web Design and Development at boomsatsuma takes a deep dive into the modern web - spotlighting the knowledge, principles, tools, and workflows that propel this exciting and continually evolving field. Our aim is to help you develop the specific skills, personal qualities, and compelling outputs needed to transition to professional roles, and from that, contribute to the look, feel, function, and distinctiveness of the web of tomorrow. 

The course covers the design patterns, production tools, and development strategies that underpin the modern web. You’ll explore your subject via multiple strands, including user interface (UI) and interaction design, responsive web design, full stack web app development, data visualisation, web analytics, and the creative application of web technologies. Within each strand, our goal is to introduce you to the tools and techniques that are either widely-adopted or rising in popularity.

Attendance  3 years / Full time

UCAS code  BS10

Year of entry  2022

Location  Tobacco Factory, Bristol

Validated by  Bath Spa University

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The Structure.

Our model is very different to typical university degree programmes. You’ll work alongside like-minded individuals in a studio environment from year 1 - scoping, designing, building and iterating web products in a co-creative setting with support from regular skills workshops that advance your abilities. This way you’ll gain invaluable experience of managing and fulfilling briefs, while also working towards a portfolio of compelling web design and development work that supports your transition to professional roles.


Taught content is complemented with unique assessments that support your learning journey and encourage you to explore the rich possibilities of the web. The tasks we’ll ask you to undertake are creative, practical, collaborative, and crafted carefully to enhance your understanding of web design and development.

Year One

Year Two

Year Three


Why boomsatsuma?

Our vision is to fuel creative industries with a confident and talented workforce of diverse and empowered individuals. If you want to be part of that revolution, we need to talk…


We’re doing education differently; closing the gap between your degree and the creative industries you want to work in by giving you realistic and honest pathways. We work directly with key industry partners to construct agile and relevant courses designed to fill true industry gaps.


Our course leaders are talented and inspiring industry professionals who give you the edge with powerful insights and training. With capped course sizes, we don’t just tick boxes, we put YOU first; letting you focus on your passion with bespoke and tailored learning in open and inclusive, creative environments. You’ll get the qualifications you need to progress into your career, but you’ll also enter your creative industry with the work ethic, confidence and skill to absolutely smash it.


The Space.

You’ll be studying in Tobacco Factory, Bristol - a creative and innovative hub in the heart of the city. The building is one of the last survivors from the vast Imperial Tobacco site; saved from demolition by architect George Ferguson.


Today, it is a multi-purpose building that is home to not only boomsatsuma Degrees, but also a lively Cafe Bar, Makers Market, meeting spaces, the offices of several creative organisations, a performing art school. The building is also home to Tobacco Factory Theatres – one of the most exciting performance venues in the country.



Entry Requirements

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