Amschela Photoshoot for London Fashion Week

Amschela Photoshoot for London Fashion Week

Boomsatsuma students produced Amschela’s London Fashion Week campaign material, including behind-the-scenes at London Fashion Week, editorials and product Shots featured in their Look Book.

Boomsatsuma is very proud of the skills and high quality of creative work produced by students across the range of our creative courses across five centres in Bristol.

There is a wide variety of talent developing, thanks to every student's skills and determination, alongside the supportive boomsatsuma staff team, and strong relationships built with Bristol’s progressive creative sector.

One such relationship has led to the opportunity for three of our students to generate the visual materials used for the award-winning Amschela London Fashion Week 2023 portfolio. We’re so grateful to the Company’s Founder and CEO Keri Adriana, who was super-supportive, opening up this fantastic real-life brief and giving us a rare opportunity to step into the world of fashion.

For anyone aspiring to work in that world, it doesn’t get more prestigious than having your photos used in an exclusive London Fashion Week launch of a range of vegan handbags. That’s why three boomsatsuma students, Amber Mylius-King: Photography Degree, Anna Richards: Film Production Degree and Tara Grace, Digital Media Studies College Diploma, have been super-excited to see their work in Amschela’s Lookbook.

Boomsatsuma’s Photography Degree lead, Sam Fordham, oversaw the student shoot at Artists Residence, but he took a back-seat, with Amschela’s Creative Director, to give the students control over the creative direction.

Anna Richards, boomsatsuma Documentary, Photography and Print comments:

'Working with Amschela has been a great experience. I shot a behind-the-scenes video for Amschela's new handbag collection for London Fashion week. As someone very interested in the fashion industry, I have valued working in a professional setting as it has solidified my interest in working in this field.

This opportunity has allowed me to gain valuable experience, create contacts with the supportive team at Amschela and update my cv with work relevant to my future goals.

I had full creative freedom making my behind-the-scenes film of the day, which allowed me to express my style and build my portfolio. The skills that I have learnt will transfer into my future work and I really appreciate the value in being given this opportunity."

We spoke with Tara Grace to find out about this creative highlight on her journey, aspiring to a career in the fashion industry. Tara Grace says:  

“To me being creative is a gift. Growing up in the traditional education system, I was labelled as weak, hopeless and incapable. Feeling an outcast in every situation, I started to think if any place could feel like home, or whether I could ever succeed outside my mental scenery.

Staying true to myself, since the age of 13 I have used fashion as a way of expressing my identity. Fashion is a world with many influences and possibilities, at a young age it inspired me to not be afraid of who I was. Constructing my own image and style through clothes made me feel on top of the world. While my exterior was always bold, my interior was lost.

I can’t believe that I’ve now had the chance to work with such an innovative fashion brand as Amschela to support their LFW campaign. This has given me a valuable, practical understanding and insight into the reality of creating a portfolio for a fashion launch. I’m so proud that my pictures were seen as good enough for them.

I remember the shock of finishing secondary education thinking, ‘Where do I go from here?’ Being passionate about my creative abilities but being told in school that I would never succeed had me following a path of denial. Breaking in every way, boomsatsuma came through to me at a time of need. With no thought or ear to others, I decided to pursue my future in the way I always dreamt of. I’ve allowed myself to grow in ways I never thought I could. Thanks to the support I’ve received at boomsatsuma, I have gone from being the quietest girl in the back of the classroom, scared to get involved, to find my inner strength to follow the calling I hope to embark on for my future."

Amber King adds:

"Working with Amschela was a great opportunity, through which I got an authentic experience working within a professional environment with a high-profile client in the fashion industry. Before the shoot, we had the chance to make a mood board individually and present our ideas to Keri which they were receptive to. Keri had chosen the Artist Residency lounge as the setting, which is a stunning space with tall windows, a fireplace and plenty of vintage furniture. Tara and I were instantly inspired and we had fun exploring all the room had to offer, with each part having a completely different look. Keri and her team, were extremely supportive and gave us creative freedom over the entire shoot.

It was amazing working with Freselam, the model, who is Amschela’s new brand ambassador. It was an insightful, enjoyable experience, which feels like the start of a healthy relationship between Amschela and boomsatsuma. Big thanks to Keri, Claudia & Sibella!"