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boomsatsuma are innovators and unapologetic change makers in Bristol’s creative industries.

If you want to work in creative industries, you need to choose the pathway that gives you the best possible opportunity to progress. Through our college and now in our focused degree programmes, we are doing just that.

Mainstream education hasn’t changed much since it started. If you apply that same development cycle to transport, we would still be travelling on horses and we certainly wouldn’t be flying in planes or going into space. People and the society we live in have evolved, the way we learn and develop has changed. It is our mission and responsibility to keep your education relevant to you and to the industries you want to work in. We do this by staying agile, offering live projects from contemporary organisations and capping our class sizes to focus on your individual needs.

When choosing the right path for post-sixteen or college education, the choices may sometimes seem limited: either stay where you are and go to your current sixth form, or leave and go to college. But there is a third option - and it’s the best kept secret in education.

boomsatsuma are a specialist education provider. We are a relatively new option in post-sixteen education; still funded by the government and held to the same rigorous standards as other schools and colleges but, with realistic training and incredible industry connections, we give you two years to focus solely on your creative career path.

If you want to work in film and TV, where better to study than The Bottle Yard Studios? If you’re looking to make it in Sports Media, then where better than embedded in Bristol Sport’s Ashton Gate Stadium?

Don’t wait or settle for generic, start working with us in the region’s booming creative industries now.

Our city is our campus and the creative industries are our home.

Mark Curtis 2020

Mark Curtis /
Creative Director

Stuart Wood 2020

Stuart Wood /
Artistic Director

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