We've Launched a Film Studio with PYTCH

We've Launched a Film Studio with PYTCH

Boomsatsuma has launched its new film, TV and game production studios in Brislington. This training facility will offer studio space to the next generation of creative talent in the city.

Located on the same site as virtual production and event company, PYTCH, boomsatsuma Studios will strengthen connections with Bristol's Creative Industries.

On Friday 21 October, boomsatsuma Studios welcomed many of the region's leading film and TV production and creative tech companies to meet staff and students. The launch event was co-hosted with PYTCH, who also showcased their  virtual production studio.

Boomsatsuma Studios incorporates a film and TV studio, a games lab, a green room, post production and audio/grading suites. Boomsatsuma now offers six new degrees that aim to address talent gaps in the city's creative and tech sector - in games, web development, visual effects and filmmaking. When not used by students, the studios will be available to hire by production companies.

Johnny Palmer, Founder of PYTCH says:

"PYTCH is all about the people, and welcoming the boomsatsuma team to Skyline Park is a great addition to our community. It’s incredible how quickly they have been able to repurpose the space. Within three months they have created this fully operational studio. We have already taken students on live projects and I’ve been impressed their skills and enthusiasm to learn from our team.

People are consistently complaining about a lack of skills, fresh talent and commitment of young people – yet few are investing in the next generation. What boomsatsuma is doing is precisely what we need more of in the creative industries. Their courses are industry-focussed, taught by people who have done the work, and are partnered with organisations who will actually be providing  employment in the future. More of this please!"

During the evening boomsatsuma degree students enjoyed the chance to network with industry guests such as Laura Aviles from The Bottle Yard Studios, local tech innovator and entrepreneur Nick Sturge, talent managers from Plimsoll, and members of Films at 59's senior leadership team, amongst others.

Gina Fucci, Managing Director of Films at 59 - one of boomsatsuma’s major partners said:

"This is a very exciting development for Bristol. Our young people are the future of the city’s Creative Industries and tech sector and boomsatsuma are leading the way in talent development."

Attended by over 100 people, boomsatsuma founder Mark Curtis said this about the event:

"This is another great step forward for boomsatsuma in our mission to deliver innovative education for the 21st century. Bristol is our campus. We are embedding our students alongside key partners in and around the city. I’m pleased to be opening this new training studio. More exciting developments to come for boomsatsuma in 2023."