Boomsatsuma Promotes AI to Support Dyslexic Thinkers

Boomsatsuma Promotes AI to Support Dyslexic Thinkers

Head of Production at boomsatsuma’s Film School, David Neal, spearheaded support for a newly launched DyslexAI Campaign.

Sir Richard Branson and Made By Dyslexia launched the DyslexAI campaign, calling on all workplaces around the world to empower Dyslexic Thinking.

Dyslexic Thinking skills are valuable and vital, and new research shows that AI is the perfect co-pilot for Dyslexic Thinking. Boomsatsuma joined campuses across Bristol to showcase posters for the campaign.

David Neal is passionate about helping people overcome challenges posed by Dyslexia, with 60% of his students and some of his family being dyslexic. He was inspired by the campaign narrative of using the skills of creativity, problem-solving and innovation to thrive in the Creative Industries.

David says:

"AI is opening so many doors to my students and I have witnessed first-hand how those with Dyslexic Thinking skills can exploit the ever-expanding tools of AI with incredible speed and ingenuity. It’s just so joyful to watch how they use it in such a natural way. They are the pioneers the world needs.

Our team is consistently committed to supporting students facing challenges with mainstream learning techniques, and this campaign was well received in the Tobacco Factory by degree students."

Ollie Jones, a Filmmaking student at boomsatsuma who already uses AI, said:

"The language models are amazing, and how I can use it for image and video creation is so exciting. It’s like I have a team of people working for me. I can execute any idea possible."

To support the campaign, Made By Dyslexia released new research today in partnership with Randstad Enterprise showing that 72% of people with dyslexia see AI tools such as ChatGPT as valuable starting points to apply their Dyslexic Thinking and deliver innovative and extraordinary work.

This supports the findings of the Value of Dyslexia report, produced by EY and Made By Dyslexia in 2018/19, which found that dyslexic skillsets will mirror the World Economic Forum’s future skills needs by 2025. Given the rapid speed at which technology and AI has taken over – the cross-over has arrived two years earlier than predicted.

Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder said:

"AI is already transforming how we work, live, and interact. Used in the right way, AI is the perfect co-pilot for people with Dyslexic Thinking skills to move the world forward. But technology can’t replicate the spontaneous, human, creative instinct that can lead to incredible innovation. Dyslexics have the limitless power to change the world if everyone embraces their dyslexic minds."

In addition to the DyslexAI campaign, the charity is also calling upon companies to commit to enrol in a new free-to-access workplace training course set to launch on LinkedIn Learning later this year. Designed by experts at Made By Dyslexia, the course will educate on how to understand, support, and empower Dyslexic Thinking in the workplace and ensure that companies are future-ready.

Several organisations including companies across the Virgin Group, Randstad Enterprise, and EY have already committed to enrolling all people leaders in the course when it launches. Made By Dyslexia is calling on companies across the world to do the same online at

Kate Griggs, CEO & Founder of Made By Dyslexia comments:

"Research has been telling us that Dyslexic Thinking skills will be vital for future workplaces, and with the rapid advancement and adoption of AI, that future has arrived. While technology and AI have evolved to take over many skills, they can't replace sought-after soft skills like innovation, lateral thinking, complex problem solving and interpersonal skills, which are Dyslexic Thinking skills.

New research shows that AI is the perfect partner for Dyslexic Thinking, and together they are the unstoppable force every workplace needs to drive their business forward. Our new training will help every business empower Dyslexic Thinking."

The latest campaign, again in partnership with agency FCB Inferno, follows the success of the 2022 campaign which saw Richard Branson and Made By Dyslexia collaborate with global partners to recognise Dyslexic Thinking. It saw the term added as a skill on LinkedIn and as an official term on Over 10,000 individuals added the skill to their profile within a week of launch, which continues to grow daily.