Filmmaking Students Race on the Edge with P1 Entertainment

Filmmaking Students Race on the Edge with P1 Entertainment

Boomsatsuma’s final year Filmmaking Post Production degree students are already being snapped up by Bristol’s Film and TV employers.

On Wednesday 15th November, students showed off their editing skills to Borja Cantera, the owner of P1 Entertainment. P1 creates high-end, fast turnaround content for TV and on-demand streaming services. Based at The Bottle Yard Studios, P1 are looking for new in-house editing talent to work on ‘Racing on the Edge’, a fly on the wall observational documentary series, following the round the world sailors of the SAILGP yacht racing Grand Prix. For each episode, the P1 team has 3 weeks to edit an extremely complicated 26-minute show with an enormous amount of footage, so it is a really challenging task.

Borja, who is also the Producer/Director of ‘Racing on the Edge’, invited boomsatsuma students to a trial editing event. He explained why he came to boomsatsuma to look for new talent:

 "Highly motivated, talented, ambitious young people will thrive if they’re up for the challenge. I thought this would be a great opportunity for students to be mentored into a full-time editing job and I’ve heard so much about boomsatsuma so I wanted to see what their students could do."

The editing trial took place at boomsatsuma’s Film School at the Tobacco Factory, Bristol. The students were given access to professional footage and they were set a test editing scenario which reflected the challenges P1’s editors face. José Ramon, their top editor, then gave a masterclass and a Q&A Session for the students.

Working directly with creative companies in this integrated way is a unique feature of boomsatsuma’s degree courses, Dr Susan McMillan, Executive Dean, explained:

"This was a wonderful opportunity for our students - a chance to show off what they have learnt over the last two years. Our students are from a diverse range of backgrounds and are extremely talented - just what employers are looking for. Working on a trial session like this is an excellent way for employers to spot talent but also a great insight into the business for our students."

After the event, P1 were so impressed with the level of knowledge and ability of boom’s students that they offered three paid placements to Will Templar, Eloise Lane and Kieran Walker. One of these lucky students will be offered a full-time role with P1 when they graduate in Summer 2024

Take a look at the ‘Racing on the Edge’ series below and look out for Will, Eloise and Kieran’s names on future series.

Watch the film here

Pictured: Borja Cantera (left) and José Ramon (right)