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David Neal

David Neal

Filmmaking Production and Post-production


David is a filmmaker, full BAFTA member, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and lecturer with a background in Television & film. He has credits on hundreds of broadcast programmes for the BBC (Around Alone, Click, Media Brief, etc.), ITV, Channel 4, E4, C5 (Game Ranger Diaries etc.) as well as feature films (High Speed, The Ride), music videos (Delirious, Goo Goo Dolls), adverts and blue-chip corporate productions (Vodafone, BT, Balfour Beatty, MoD, etc.) and charities (Royal Television Society, VITA Modern Slavery Network, Media Trust etc.)

His area of specialism covers all aspects of filmmaking from directing, lighting, cinematography, postproduction workflow, editing and colour grading. He is an ARRI accredited trainer for education with an involvement in industry research for emerging technology.

David is also a self-appointed ambassador for dyslexics and is currently studying to become qualified in Dyslexia support. He believes that education should have no barriers for those who have creative minds.

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